Our philosophy

Planungsbuero Werger is an independent design agency with unrestricted authorisation to present building documents, which means we can take care of the concept, detailed planning, architecture and interior design and consider the whole project in its entirety.

Thanks to our many years of experience in planning new construction, conversion and redevelopment of existing buildings, especially in private residential and commercial buildings, we can draw on the entire spectrum of interior design and architectural expertise.

With our respect for existing buildings and appreciation of individual aspects, we execute projects with vision, honesty, intelligence and style.

With our team's versatility and skills, we consolidate our ideas to create individual and sustainable concepts. As such, the right choice of colours and materials is just as important to us as consistent lighting design and how interiors and exteriors interact.

Our work is based on a desire to create something timeless, lasting and of value and to implement the aspirations of our clients within the proposed budget.

Our services

As a member of the NRW Chamber of Architects and Federation of German Interior Designers, we are your reliable and capable partner at every planning and supervision stage.

As an independent company, we provide reliable support to our clients and are available to advise subcontractors.

Our areas of operation:

  • Planning brief
  • Preliminary planning
  • Concept planning
  • Approval planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Preparation for award of contract
  • Participation in awarding of contracts
  • Site coordination and monitoring
  • Site maintenance and documentation