Our services

As a member of the NRW Chamber of Architects and Federation of German Interior Designers, we are your reliable and capable partner at every planning and supervision stage. 

As an independent company, we provide reliable support to our clients and are available to advise subcontractors. 

Planning brief

Each project begins with a detailed client briefing. The services required, client needs and stock are determined on site; we develop initial decision-making aids as required.

Preliminary planning

Preliminary planning includes graphic presentation of the planning concept. As such, we develop alternative solution options as required.

Concept planning

We work through the planning concept while taking account of urban development, creative, functional, technical, economic and ecological requirements. We then visualise the preliminary planning results on a computer.

Approval planning

This stage involves preparing the submissions required for approvals in accordance with the regulations under public law. Planning documents are produced or amended accordingly; the required building application forms, calculations and agreements with licencing authorities responsible are completed, which are required to obtain building approvals.

Implementation planning

We produce all the planning documents including the required detail planning as the basis for the statement of work and deliverables. This is followed by developing the basics for other specialists involved in planning as well as incorporating their contributions toward a fully-fledged solution.

Preparation for award of contract

The range of duties that arise during the construction activity stage are divided into and specified in bills of quantities, whereby we determine the precise amounts for individual subsections. In addition, the specialists involved in planning agree on and coordinate the specified services.

Participation in awarding of contracts

After compiling the bill of quantities the project is put out to tender. The quotes we receive are checked and evaluated using a price comparison list. The builders and trade contractors who are ultimately involved are determined accordingly.

Site coordination and monitoring

This includes monitoring of builders and tradesmen working on the site for compliance with the building permit, final plans and statement of work plus generally accepted engineering regulations and appropriate provisions. The entire building coordination system is also regulated.

Site maintenance and documentation

The construction phase involves inspecting the property to identify any faults before limitation periods expire and warranty claims against contracting companies and documentation of the entire construction project.