Jule Böller

Johanna Werger

Matthias Kolm

Influenced by his training in the skilled crafts sector, his career as a carpenter and his interior architecture studies, Matthias’ designs achieve perfection right down to the smallest detail. He does not shy away from extreme situations. No stone is too big, no mountain too high, whether riding a bike or when it comes to design. He is guided by the writer Erich Kästner’s famous aphorism: “You can build something beautiful from stones that are put in your way.”

Franz Werger

The boss is constantly seeking perfection – his profession is his calling. He keeps a watchful eye over every project even though he doesn’t always work directly with the clients. He always has complete confidence in his crew who he is happy to defer to. He has steadily scaled the Olympian heights of (interior) architecture; he started out as a trained carpenter and then completed a degree in interior architecture and postgraduate studies which qualified him to present building documents. “Credit where credit is due” is what the regional professional body that represents architects, interior architects and town and country planners thought when they asked him to become an honorary committee member in September 2018. His many years of experience and the intuitive way he works with his team and his clients can be encapsulated in the expression, “The simple option is not always the best, but the best is always simple.”

Monika Stork

Our lovable, creative dynamite Monika spent many hours of her childhood in her father’s carpentry workshop and fully understands the value of high-quality materials. Whether contorting herself during a yoga session, tinkling the ivories or singing in a choir, her creative juices are always flowing and she loves to think outside the box. She lives by the credo, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Susanne Werger

Where would the team be without a driving force working hard in the background? Susanne trained as a bilingual executive assistant and is our go-to person for anything relating to HR and financial accounts. Her sharp eyes ensure that she never loses sight of the big picture and she is a very patient listener. In addition to sorting out payroll and holidays, she ensures that invoices are always settled on time.

Gabi Ebert

“A little less conversation, a little more action” sums Gabi up perfectly. She is an accomplished interior architect whose talents are underpinned by her basic technical training and her degree. She cares for everyone with an inexhaustible amount of energy and heart whether as a full-time mum (currently on parental leave) or when volunteering to help refugees.

Ansgar Stalbold

Our Systems Administrator Ansgar is our very own tech geek and we can always bank on him to answer all our IT-related questions. His technical know-how is indispensable in both business-as-usual situations and when implementing new systems. He listens patiently to us “creative types” and the way he makes small changes to ensure our IT systems are more easy to use really is a special kind of magic.

Lisa Böse

Lisa has a heart of gold and looks after the day-to-day things that ensure life in the office runs smoothly. She is reliability personified and is an indispensable member of the team. She pulls all the loose threads together and ensures that nothing ever falls apart at the seams.

Michael Lindemann

The traditional career path Michael has followed (draughtsman, degree in architecture) and his business acumen are a winning combination. The way he energetically unites creativity and efficiency never fails to leave a positive lasting impression. He is an accomplished architect who fully understands cost control and who sleeps with the German Building Code under his pillow! In the office, he is guided by the Judo philosophy自他共栄 which means “ Help and understand one another for mutual benefit and welfare.”